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Hand Pose Estimation Engineer

The Awesome Opportunity

In this software engineering role, you will develop the successor to the mouse and keyboard. You will use your extensive knowledge of computer vision and machine learning to develop algorithms that allow people to directly manipulate 3D content with their hands using a depth camera mounted on a see-through stereographic display, thereby rendering the mouse and keyboard irrelevant. The Meta 1 Developer Kit is the first true 3D Input, 3D Output system available in the eye ware form factor. The SDK is the between the hardware and hundreds of advanced applications built on Meta for use in games, entertainment, engineering, design and medicine. The work you will be doing will revolutionize the way people interact with their technology and their environment and you will be at the forefront of this technology.

What success will look like for this opportunity

  • Write algorithms to fit articulated models of the hands to sensor data in real time

  • Write tests so that you can quantify and iteratively improve the performance and robustness of your algorithms

  • Evaluate creative and diverging approaches to hard problems, favoring simple heuristic approaches where they suffice

  • Work in a cross functional team with Unity developers and human factor experts to create a natural and effective user experience

Experience and knowledge that will help you be successful

  • Deep knowledge of computer vision, machine learning, optimization and image processing

  • Strong C/C++ programming skills, including performance optimization and multi-threaded code

  • GPGPU computing (Cuda or OpenCL)

  • Familiarity with OpenCV or similar

  • Experience with IMUs, infra-red and mono/RGB sensors

  • Able to communicate ideas clearly through well-designed code

  • Strong communication skills

Education and Experience

  • PhD in a relevant field with three years experience

  • Masters with five years experience

  • Experience mentoring engineers

  • Experience building production software

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to

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